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Introducing for the first time online the BENS Theory © working with a medical weight loss professional can provide both physical and emotional benefits and lead to a healthier, happier life.

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Med Life FIt Waistlines uses current evidence-based medical guidelines/science with a holistic approach, forming a PROVEN Weight loss system ultimately maintain a lifestyle change success rate > 80%. Founded and managed by a licensed physician. (BENS; Behavior, Exercise, Nutrition, and Spirit.)

These nonsurgical interventions reliably induce a loss of 5-20% of initial weight reduction in those who are overweight or obese, especially in those with chronic cardiovascular diseases, like …

Maintain a Lifestyle Change Success
Rate greater than 80%
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Wonderful staff! Very friendly. The program works!
Cindy Cialkoszewski
Louisville, KY
Such a great and beautiful office! Staff is very friendly! Great weight loss program!
Janaya Collins
Louisville, KY
Thank you Med life fit for assisting me on my journey of changing my eating habits and assisting in my weight loss.
Kamora Laye
Louisville, KY

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