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The Meaning of “In the meantime.”

October 23, 2017
Our team member The Meaning of “In the meantime.” at Med Life Fit



Title: The meaning of “In the meantime”                                              10/22/17

O Lord, please hear my prayer, and the prayer of thy servants who desire to fear thy name and honor you; Please prosper me and grant me success today by making the king favorable to me. Put it into his heart to be kind to me. In those days I was the king’s cup-bearer.” Nehemiah 1:11    NLT

Nehemiah was living in Persia employed as King Artaxerxes’s cup-bearer. Nehemiah had a cushy job and was the right-hand man to the king. But, he was not happy in this great job and luxurious surroundings when he heard about the distress of God’s people and dishonor to God’s name. When he left the area earlier, Israel had their own king, army, identity and language. When he returned, he found a disorganized people and a city that was defenseless with no wall to protect itself. He gave it all up to go back to Jerusalem around 444 B.C. to mobilize and lead the people to rebuild in just 52 days. There happened to have been two other attempts earlier by Zerubbabel and Ezra to rebuild the walls but they were unsuccessful. But, Nehemiah was successful.

The Bible is clear that the root of all national and personal problems is Sin. Why are their economic and political greed and corruptions? Sin. Why are their famine and diseases? Sin. Why is the mission of the church not accomplished? Sin. Why do kids from Christian homes rebel against their parents and God? Sin. Just like it was back then in Nehemiah’s time; the problem is human Sin. Today, we too have not kept all the commandments God gave his servant Moses in Deuteronomy 28. And, yes we do have Jesus and the blood that covers us. However, staying aware of our sin and asking forgiveness keeps us humbled before God and others as we grow in faith and mercy through Jesus. Nehemiah saw his own sin and the sin of his homeland. So, he prayed. He prayed in the meantime over 4 months before he left going back home to Jerusalem.

God is concerned about his people, and the people in His Kingdom. God sees and hears everything. If you are saved, then you should care about the people of the Kingdom, too (Matthew 6:33). We are not saved to only pursue the American dream, but rather we are saved so He can use us to further His purposes. God says, “I will bring them to a place where I have chosen to cause My name to dwell” (Nehemiah 1:9). That is a promise from God. Be careful. Man’s goal is self-centered with a happy ending. God does love us and wants us to be happy but that’s not the end. God’s goal is not man-centered but God-centered. In the meantime, pray. Paul tells us in Ephesians that God’s passion is to build His church so He can display His riches, grace, and wisdom to angelic hosts, then He gets the glory through our joy of salvation. So, in the meantime, make every effort to pray, ceaselessly.  In God’s time, he reveals this life-transforming truth which is: God’s glory and His people’s joy for Him will be valued and fitted together in time. So, take a moment NOW while you sit and whisper a prayer to YOUR God.

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few (Matthew 9:36-38). Therefore, beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers and be extremely receptive when they come.

We, at Med-Life-Fit, encourage you to improve the health of your Temple. You have to realize upfront there will be encounters of problems yet like Nehemiah, in the meantime, make every effort to pray, ceaselessly. Nutrition Groups in November, please go!





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