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What is the Glory of the Lord?

January 06, 2017
Our team member What is the Glory of the Lord? at Med Life Fit

“Then, the glory of the LORD moved out from the door of the Temple and hovered above the cherubim.”  Ezekiel 10:18 (NLT)

If you are not familiar with the prophetic Word, Christians believe and teach that Christ is going to return and establish a 1000-yr reign of righteousness, referred to as the Millennium. In preparation of Christ return, the earth will be renovated including all living things. Lions will lay with lambs, seasons will change that one year’s crop will hardly harvest before another will need harvesting. There will be no famine, no drought no pestilence. In the new Earth, everything will be different. Will you be ready? Is God’s present or absent in your Temple?

In today’s word we focus on the prophet Ezekiel, whose mission was to foretell God’s judgment on the people. We find in Chapter 10, the glory of the LORD was leaving the Temple. God’s judgment did not happen all of a sudden. God had provided quite well for the Israeli people while in Jerusalem and gave them grace and mercy. The Israeli people had chosen to ignore and even despise “The Word of God”. They would say things like, “No one is going to the temple every Sunday anymore” or “Everyone is doing whatever” Does not this sound like today? Because of the people’s continual rebellion, they were made slaves in Babylon.

In Ezekiel, it tells us that the glory of the LORD departed from the Temple and was not completely present again until Jesus visited the Temple in the New Testament. What if God removed the glory of the LORD today due to our lack of commitment? The Glory of the LORD represents favor, protection, blessings! You can count on Med Life Fit helping you stay committed to keeping your Temple (the body) healthy. This New Year we pray you read THE WORD daily and your life will change. Why? Your bible says the Hebrew word for Spirit or Wind or Breath is “Reward”. This means when WORD and SPIRIT meet a life of living is expressed (Genesis 2:7). Be blessed and healthy!

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