The Word of the Week

Rebuild Ur Temple

July 16, 2018
Our team member Rebuild Ur Temple at Med Life Fit

I lifted my eyes and saw 4 horns! These horns have destroyed Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem.  Then he showed me 4 craftsmen. These craftsmen have come to terrify and cast down the horns of the nations. Thus, says the Lord, I have returned…with mercy…My Temple shall be built again…my Temple and cities shall again overflow with prosperity and the Lord will again comfortZechariah 1:18-21 and 16-17 ESV

It is truly amazing how The Lord our God leads us along this life. As we start to advance in freedom to grow, we think it’s our responsibility to have control of our destiny. We soon realize that we can do nothing on our own that brings full contentment. Sooner than later, hopefully, we come to realize and appreciate that our failed attempts to grab contentment have led us along a path valued with deep appreciation of God’s grace.

The featured author of “The Word” this week is Zechariah whose name means “the Lord remembers.” Zechariah was born in Babylon to his father, Berechiah, a Jew and Israelite, who is believed to have died young and to his grandfather, Iddo, who is thought to have raised him. Zechariah grew up to be a prophet as well as a priest. Zechariah’s opening words as a prophet dated from 520 B.C. The historical background of Zechariah becomes intriguing around 538 B.C. when Cyrus, the Persian Emperor, freed some Israelites captives from Babylonian captivity. The freed were charged to resettle their homeland. So, some 50,000 returned from Babylon to Jerusalem; so did Zechariah, a child, and his grandad. The Israelites immediately began to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. They immediately got opposition, persecutions and pains and the work of rebuilding the Temple stopped. But, 16 years later, Zechariah started to pray, had dreams and saw visions, as described in the above scriptures.  Zechariah was anointed and commissioned by the Lord to stir up the people to rebuild the Temple. As a result, the Temple was completed in 4 years in 516 B.C. (Dr. Dowe & staff are ur stir-up too!)

The Temple of the Old Testament was the sanctuary, the Most Holy Place, where God dwelled. The priests would enter the most inner court once a year, and only after extensive cleansing, lest be killed. The Temple of the New Testament is the Christian’s body. The bible says, “Do you not know that your body is a Temple of the Holy Spirit…whom you have from God? You are not your own for you were bought with a price, so glorify God in your body.” (1 Cor 6:19).  In the vision of Zechariah above, the horns represent nations that attacked God’s people which were the 4 world empires (Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome) which all oppressed Israel. The craftsmen’s hammer tools overthrew the horns or nations. God promises to always comfort, restore and rebuild His people, if we believe only believe!  His kingdom will extend beyond walls and his people will dwell securely because of divine protection. I want you to know, it’s a blessing to rebuild Ur Temple. Continue to pray, read God’s Word and He will strengthen your continual elevation! Dr. Dowe,               Be Blessed!

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