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“Hole or Whole? How to be Blessed”

December 18, 2017
Our team member “Hole or Whole? How to be Blessed” at Med Life Fit

Title:  “Hole or Whole? How to be Blessed”                                            12/17/17

“Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, during the reign of King Herod. About that time some wise men from the East arrived in Jerusalem asking, “Where is the newborn king of the Jews? We saw the star as it rose.  And we have come to worship him” … Then King Herod told them, “Go to Bethlehem and search carefully for the child, Jesus.”   Matthew 2:1-12   NLT

Holiday depression or Christmas Blues can affect people of all ages according to Kelly Gillooly, Director of Behavioral Health Outreach at Our Lady of peace. She states that “Clinical Depression can be expressed in people as feelings of sadness and emptiness, extreme irritability, restlessness, thoughts of suicide and death, insomnia or sleeping too much, difficulty concentrating, loss of interest in favorite activities, weight gain or weight loss”. Seeking Medical help is very helpful and highly recommend with or without medications.

But, Spiritual Depression is when your motivation is waning and your desire to pursue after God is gone. You are blind to God wanting to bless you and are dazed with the faith predicted in your future. That’s the same plot that the Anti-Christ placed in the mind of Eve and Adam in the garden (Genesis 3), and if you are not careful he uses depressive thought to UN focus the minds of today’s believers.

Possible causes of Spiritual depression are: Sin; Greed; Comparisons to Others; and Speaking negatively; Fatigue; and Unforgiveness. What’s the remedy for this depression?    Let’s consider King Herod’s approach in the scripture above.

King Herod was a ruthless leader killing his own wife and several of his kids. He was very insecure, suspicious and jealous. He was named “King of the Jews” but was given this title by Romans and not the Jews. He was not a part of David’s lineage and only partly Jewish. He did a good job in rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem but built more pagan shrines. Herod the Great failed as a God-worshiper yet he was influential to send others to go searching for King Jesus, although for the wrong reason. He wanted to kill Jesus. What about you? Are you ignoring that God sent himself into the world as Jesus for us to seek after him? The wise men traveled over 2000 miles searching for Jesus that fulfilled the Old Testament prediction of the arriving Messiah. The wise men brought gifts and worshipped Jesus for who He is. Take this opportunity this year to give him back something that is valuable to you. Worship God because he is the perfect, just and almighty Creator of the universe, worthy of the best gift that you have. Once you give Him your heart then my friend your heart will be wholesomely-Whole and not empty filled with Holes.

God Bless!

“He will rescue when they cry to him, he will help the oppresses whom have no one to defend them, He feels pity for the weak and needy, He redeems them for their lives are precious to Him.”  Psalm 72: 12-14




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