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Are you looking to eliminate impurities affecting the overall health and appearance of your skin? As you may know, life can take a toll on our skin, especially our face. Sun damage, pollution, environmental toxins, hormonal fluctuations, even the food we eat can make us look older than we are.

Fortunately, Med-Life-Fit has the facial treatment solution. Our facial treatments are more than just soap and water. We can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as, repair sun damage, and even lighten age spots.

Our facial treatments can help turn back the hands of time. Let’s explore some of our facial treatments. Let’s get you feeling and looking younger today:

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Vampire Facelift With Fillers:

What are the benefits?
• Non-surgical
• Drug free
• Refreshed skin color due to new blood vessel formation
• More youthful, lifted face shape with collagen replenishment
• Smoother skin tone
• Tissue regeneration
• Natural shape
• Quick recovery, (usually able to go to dinner that night)
• Fading of scars

What is the Vampire FaceLift®?
The Vampire FaceLIft® procedure combines the science of hyaluronic acid fillers, your own platelet rich plasma and the artful eye of Dr. Dowe to deliver youthful, natural beauty that is as unique as you.

Certified Vampire FaceLift® provider, Dr. Dowe uses the mathematics of beauty (dating back to Leonardo da Vinci to the present time) to design a younger, but natural shape of your face.

How does the Vampire FaceLift® work?
The Vampire FaceLift® procedure begins with a simple blood draw from your arm. Using instrumentation approved by the FDA for isolation of platelet rich plasma for injection back into the body, your provider will then process your blood to isolate the PRP. This process takes about 10 minutes.

Next, Dr. Dowe uses hyaluronic acid filler (like Juvederm®) to add a natural collagen base on your facial structure. Finally, Dr. Dowe will inject PRP into the face so that the body’s own healing process triggers the regrowth of new tissue and blood flow to recreate your younger self. Though bruising can occur, most will see a younger, natural appearing face that day! To find out if this treatment is for you, call Dr. Dowe at Med Life Fit to see if this procedure is for you, please contact us at Med Life Fit in Louisville and Elizabethtown.

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