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Everything that happens… happens for good

June 18, 2018
Our team member Everything that happens… happens for good at Med Life Fit

And the king was deeply moved and went up to the chamber over the gate and wept. And as he went, he said, “O my son Absalom, my son, my son…Would I had died instead of you. 2 Sam 18:33 ESV

Firstly, I want to wish all week, to all fathers “Happy Father’s Day! What a blessing to be a father. God blessed and made living creatures, both male and female, in Garden of Eden and commanded them to “Be fruitful and Multiply” (Gen 1:28). God blessed Noah and his sons post-flood and said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth”. (Gen 9:1)  Since God commanded then and the spiritual framework has been placed, our responsibility is to multiply. It’s a Blessing to be a father.  Man was created a creature different from all. Flesh and spirit, heaven and earth, must be put together in him. Man is made to glorify Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. And, its to that great name we owe our being. Then, it’s no small thing to be a father and men shall give this title due responsibility.

We find the context of the above scripture focuses on a grieving Father (King David) who is crying over the death of his son (Absalom).

The fact of the matter, Absalom had a long history of “bad behavior”. King David as you can imagine had a lot on his plate being King. There were known officials who worked for the King who had self-made motives against the King. Sadly, David had a hard time meeting up with his son, Absalom. David was pre-occupied with his personal loss in a melancholy state that was consistent with his weakness as a father. Although Absalom was a worthless son, David failed as a father. Resentment grew in Absalom over the years where David never stood up a time to reach out to his son before it was too late. But, its never to late for God. God seeks a strong relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. “Is their evidence in “word and deed: Do you read your Word daily? Do you attend a church; Do you forsake the gathering together of others saved to comfort others that will encourage others? If these answers are yes…then, Everything that happens… happens for good.  If your answers are no, then you may want to check your salvation. Ouch!

Lev 26:9 says “I will turn toward you and make you fruitful and multiply you, and I will fulfill My covenant with you”.  “Children are indeed a heritage from the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is His reward”. (Ps 127:3) Psalm 127:5 says “Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. He will not be put to shame when he confronts the enemies at the gate”. From Dr. Dowe. Be Blessed!

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