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Comforter, Counsellor, Advocate, and Helper

May 29, 2018
Our team member Comforter, Counsellor, Advocate, and Helper at Med Life Fit

“Nevertheless, I tell you the truth: it is to your advantage that I go away for if I do not go away the Helper will not come to you. But, if I go, I will send him to you.  And when he comes, he will convict the world concerning Sin, Righteousness and Judgement…Sin because they do not believe in Jesus…Righteousness because I go to the Father…Judgementbecause the devil, the ruler of this world, already has been judged

John 16:7-11 (ESV)


The Comforter, Counsellor, Advocate, and Helper are all describing the term “Paraclete”. Its not an English word and is difficult to translate, hence so many words.  Its derived from the Greek word “parakletos” years ago, so we must understand the culture then. The Messianic Jesus, The Christ, had come into the world to save all from sin and death. Among other things, He came declaring to those who believed to be strong and brave and not pitiful and weak. He preached His ministry for 3 years with His disciples before dying on the cross and returning to His rightly throne with His Father in heaven. Jesus taught, guided them into all truth. Jesus wanted to transform His disciples from a timid fearful group into bold witnesses for the soon to be risen Savior. The disciples were unsure. But, Jesus was certain that when he left them, another Advocate would come and this time, The Comforter, Counsellor, Advocate, and Helper would be stronger, better able to do numerous works and not be limited to one geographical area, as Jesus while here. Another concept important to realize is the Teaching of the Trinity. The paraclete is sent by Jesus from the Father and is described as the “Holy Spirit” showing him to be part of the god-head. The paraclete never glorifies himself, but always glorifies the Christ, declaring not his own words, but the words of Jesus, and never speaking on his own authority.

The role of the Paraclete is to expose the truth in 3 ways. 1) Exposes the Sin of unbelief because people still reject Him today, 2) Reveals He was Righteousness for dying on the cross and which today directs us all back to the Father, and, 3) The world has had Judgementwhen Satan used Judas and Jewish leaders years ago to condemned Him to the cross. But, it can also demonstrate to the world there WILL BE a future judgement when all people will stand accountable before God.

For God so loved the world he gave His only Son, that who believes in Him shall be saved and live forever” John 3:16

When you get it, realize the Spirit convicts, convinces, and changes your life for God’s purpose. Be Bless. Dr. Dowe.

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