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Christian Unity is “The Commanded Blessing”

June 10, 2018

How good and pleasant it is when brothers (sisters) Dwell in Unity! It’s like precious oil on the head…running down to the collar of the robe! Its like the dew of Hermon which falls on the mountains of Zion!  For there the Lord has Commanded the Blessing, life forevermore. Psalm 133:1-3 ESV


Psalms 120-134 collectively are called “Songs of Ascent which the Jewish pilgrims sang on their way up to Jerusalem, about 2,700 feet in elevation. Once they arrived, they would celebrate annually three celebrations (Unleavened Bread; Feasts of Weeks; and The Feasts of Booths). David wrote three songs (Psalms122; 124;131and the above Psalm 133). It would certainly seem right that the King’s duty would arouse Unity in the people by writing such an uplifting song. These songs would begin far away from Jerusalem and continue until they reached the destination of the Temple and finish their worship. However, some scholars suggest that the unity message was seeking familial or fraternal unity because of the known antagonism between David’s eight sons (e.g. Absalom murdered his brother, Amnon in 2 Sam. 13:28).

Christian Unity is the Dwelling together in Unity through the Spirit of Christ. To not seek it is a disgrace and virtually disowns Christ. Christian brotherhood is so unique, sacred and lasting because it is born of God, who is “the God of peace”.

By one Spirit we are all baptized into one body wherein unity must be kept. To think the head can operate without the feet is Ludacris. But, more than that, God gives a “Commanded Blessing” when we do edify Christian Unity.

God knows that when we aim to “Dwell in Unity” it brings peculiar excellence of good and pleasant; growth in grace; success through prayer; recommending the gospel to others; seeks to glorify God in opposition to ourselves which divides; actively ministers to other rather than desiring to be ministered to; binds heart to heart. Its anointing and nurturing like early morning dew is to the soil; Like oil that runs down deep into the roots of our hair.

In summary, reach for unity in love! Spiritually, it has an added Blessing from God, that gives life, and continues for evermore!

Coming to the Holistic teaching nutrition groups helps patients unify as a group toward healthy lifestyle changes but also helps others experience the Love of God!

Be Blessed. Dr. Dowe

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