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Ascending Angel

October 30, 2017
Our team member Ascending Angel at Med Life Fit



Title:  Ascending Angel                                                         10/29/17

The smoke of the incense, mixed with the prayers of God’s holy people, ascended up to God…where the Angel had poured…Then the Angel filled the incense burner with fire…threw it down upon the earth; thunder crashed, lightning flashed and a terrible earthquake occurred.” Revelation 8:4-5   NLT

The apostle John was exiled to the Greek island of Patmos as a result of Christian persecutions around 95 years A.D. While on the island, John has a vision of worship in the throne room of heaven. In Revelation 8:1, there was silence in heaven for about 30 minutes. During this time, the only activity of the believers was worshiping God through prayer.  During worship, an incense burner with hot coals filled with sweet-smelling incense poured by an Angel gave off fumes of smoke that rose up to heaven. This picture symbolizes believer’s prayers ascending up to God sitting on the throne under an open heaven. Then an Angel threw the incense burner down symbolizing judgment by God released on earth in response to answered prayers from those oppressed or killed for their Christian beliefs.

The point of this scene is: All creatures in heaven and earth will praise and honor God because He is the creator and sustainer of everything. Vindication and revenge are in His hands. Our part is to worship Him. Worship takes our minds off our problems; focuses them on God; Pray less about ourselves and more about others.

Today, we focus on Revelation 8:4-5: The Meaning of Angels. What is an Angel and what do they do for God’s Kingdom. Hebrew 1:14 says “Angels are only servant-spirits sent under the authority of God to care for people who will inherit salvation”. Angels are spiritual beings; Usually are invisible but can present in human form unknowingly; They serve believers, protect the helpless and like in the word in Revelation: they help execute God’s judgment.

Isn’t it comforting to know that God will command an Angel to come see about you when you feel there’s no way out and helpless. One of the function of an Angel is to watch over us in times of great stress and fear.  For you do know that the demonic wants to take our minds and depress our spirit. But, Psalm 91:11 says “For God will order his angels to protect wherever you go…hold you up with their hands so you will not get hurt”

We, at Med-Life-Fit send up intercessory praise and prayer for you and other’s in the practice, like Ascending Angels. We stand with a confident hope in the Gap between God and what God desires to change in your life.   Mathew 18:19 says, “Where 2 or 3 are together as my followers, my Father in heaven is among them”. Be Blessed!





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