The Word of the Week

All I Do is WIN!

June 26, 2017

“David told Saul, “I’ll go fight him (Goliath, the giant enemy)..There’s no way you can fight this Philistine and possibly WIN! You’re just a boy, and he’s been a man of war since his youth.” 


  1 Samuel 17:32-33   (NLT)



The Word for the Week is found in 1 Samuel Chapter 17 and the time was around 1025. I Samuel was written during the time where Judges over the people of Israel were ushered out and the era of Kings began. Samuel became one of God’s greatest prophets and anointed David as Israel’s next King while he was still a little boy. At this time, there was a war going on. The armies of Israel and the Philistine faced each other across the valley of Elah and had been going at it for some time (40 days). David as a little boy had come from his home of Bethlehem sent by Jesse, his father with food for the fighters. David thought this was a mockery. David realized his anointing on his life. He said, I’ll fight Goliath, the giant enemy, and I will WIN! No one will defy the armies of God!


David realized the importance of taking action. With God’s anointing on him, what’s the sense of standing around like the rest of the fighters. With God to fight for him, there’s no need to wait. He moved! People may try to discourage you, quit on you, talk about you, tell you how to do things, make you wear things, assassin your character and tell you how to act. These things happened to David. His brothers told him he was just a sheep watcher and was being deceitful. Saul wanted him to wear heavy armor which then he wouldn’t allow him to dodge the weapons thrown by the giant. But, by continuing to do what you know is right, you will be pleasing God whose opinion matters the most.


The courage of Davis is fearless. How do you keep on going in oppositions?


  1. Know your Cause and keep fighting for it


  1. Courage like David. He had faith in God. He had grown strong in his confidence by trusting in God. Are you reading the WORD daily?


  1. Conviction.  1 Samuel 17: 47 says, “This is the Lord’s battle and He will give you the Win! Over the giant enemy


Use the skills God has already given you, and move toward Win!


We, at MED-LIFE-FIT encourage you to continue in your faith. We are here YOU!

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